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Je Suis has been created by Irene McCay who is a contemporary jeweller based in Buckinghamshire.

Irene designs and creates real handmade jewellery, its not laser cut or assembled from mass produced components. Every piece is individually handmade by Irene using precious metals and metalwork techniques which she has been learning and perfecting for over 15 years.

The beauty of Irene’s jewellery is that you wont find it in any high street shop. Each design is unique, individual, noticeable and fashionable.

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More About Irene

Irene’s passion for creating jewellery came after attending an art foundation course. Irene loved working in the metalwork room experimenting with various types of wire and sheet metal. For the end of year show she made a larger than life size necklet. Her show piece didn’t have all the correct techniques or finesse that jewellery needs but she was hooked on making wearable jewellery. After some research Irene found a specific jewellery course that could teach her the skills needed.

After several years of learning Irene entered a competition run by the Victoria and Albert museum. Her work was chosen to be displayed in the museum for several months. This gave Irene the confidence to approach the Rachael John gallery in Bourne End, Bucks to sell her work. Irene then went on to sell her work in the Amersham Art Gallery, Amersham, Bucks and more recently in “A Little Bird Told Me” gallery in Wendover.

Craft fairs have been another outlet for Irene to get her work noticed. The Artshed Jewellery Festival in Ware, Herts was her first fair which was very successful. This was followed by the well known “Sparkle” event in Teddington, London.

Friends and neighbours also love Irene’s work and usually buy her latest pieces before they can be shown to anyone else!

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