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JS061 - £205

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Make that special person in your life feel 'Bella Belilisima!".This gorgeous 9ct Gold pair of hallmarked earrings has a gorgeous satin finish and gentle curved design, offering an elegant and timeless look that will truly make anyone swoon.

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These Sterling silver earrings are 'Bella bellissima!". With a hammered stain finish, they would make a lovely addition to any elegant outfit. The gently curved design of the earrings dangle softly from the beautiful Sterling silver ovals.

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This pair of beautiful textured Sterling silver earrings are absolutely stunning and would look lovely with any outfit. The earrings dangle with ease from the silver ear wires, making them feel lightweight and allow an effortless look.

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These stunning 9ct Gold earrings are simply to die for! Satin finish hearts hanging from a delicate 9ct Gold chain, this pair of earrings is the perfect gift for the special love in your life.

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Everyone needs a beautiful pair of 9ct Gold earrings in their collection. These subtle but absolutely stunning hallmarked loop earrings sway from textured ovals, giving off a fresh and elegant look.

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