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Pendants & Necklets

Please ensure that you include the product code in your order enquiry to avoid any confusion with your order.

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This beautiful Sterling silver angel wing design is perfect for that special angel in your life. With lovely angel wings encasing an eye-catching Sterling silver bead on an 18 inch chain, this necklace is sure to turn heads.

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This lovely hallmarked necklace is the perfect way to tell that special someone "You are my angel valentine!" This gorgeous Sterling silver pendant has a satin texture which encases the Carnelian Sunset stone bead.  All suspended on a 16" Sterling silver chain.

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This gorgeous hallmarked Sterling silver and brass pendant is a beautiful addition to anyones collection, the gently curved triple pendant floats on an 16 inch Sterling silver rope chain.

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JS048 - £105

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This gorgeous Sterling silver bell pendant hangs elegantly on an 16 inch silver bead chain, creating an eye-catching yet elegant look.

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This Sterling silver necklace is something to be sought after! With two curved shapes as the main event, hanging from a gorgeous Sterling silver 16 inch belcher chain, this textured two piece is the perfect way to make that special someone feel "Bella bellissima!"

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This gorgeous Gold loop necklace is connected by a beautiful and delicate 9ct Gold chain. This hallmarked piece is the perfect way to say: "You are my Golden Heart" to that special person.

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With a reticulated, forged heart suspended on a black chunky silken necklet, and artisan Sterling silver cap ends, this large hallmarked Sterling silver pendant is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

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This lovely necklace is the perfect gift to tell that special someone you love them with "all your heart!" The textured Sterling silver sweet heart is held by a Sterling silver bail, hanging gently on a fine 16 inch Sterling silver belcher chain.

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This stunning Sterling silver design with brass accents and half moon shapes dangles from a silver rope chain, specifically created to make a statement!

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The beautiful textured leaf shaped necklace suspended on a 9ct Gold cable necklet is sure to add elegance to any collection.

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You can find gorgeous Sterling silver textured leaves complimented by 9ct Gold leaves sitting on a gorgeous vine ball, hanging off this lovely red silken necklet.

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This stunning hallmarked Sterling silver piece is perfect for that special someone in your life. The beautiful infinity oval pendant hangs from a pink and silver silken necklace, making for a colourful yet sophisticated look!

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This beautiful hallmarked Sterling silver necklace has a highly polished finish that accentuates the lovely oval shaped pendants that suspend from the 18 inch Sterling silver belcher chain.

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With high polish and oxidised finish, this artistic leaf pendant in Sterling silver hangs from a 16" Sterling silver belcher chain. This gorgeous leaf pendant will draw attention.

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With a textured silver cello suspended on a silver 18 inch belcher chain, this hallmarked Sterling silver necklace is perfect for that music loving person in your life.

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